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Like you, I am a lover of wine.

I developed my interest in wine in university when my friends would host wine and cheese parties, which were not only fun because of the new people I met but also because of all of the different types of wine I was exposed to. Around the same time my Mother and Step-Father became interested in wine making, and asked if I wanted "in" on some of the batches of wine they planned on making - I readily accepted of course. The quality of wine that we were able to make really surprised and impressed me and therefore many more batches of wine soon followed.

A few years later I decided to move out West, where I ended up working for just under a year at one of the Fairmont 5 star hotels where I met my wife to be. Michelle worked at the fine dinning restaurant in the hotel and therefore had an impressive knowledge of high end wines as well as definitely knew how to properly present them to her guests. She is also a very good chef at home so it wasn't too hard to convince her to start making our own wine. We both really like red wine and therefore decided to focus on them initially then moved on to whites from there. After about 4 years of courtship I asked Michelle to marry me and as part of the wedding planning we decided to save some money by making the wine ourselves. Judging by the empty bottles and the "glow" on our guest's faces we quickly determined that our wine was a hit.

We have continued to make wine since and are now getting into fruit wines (including blueberry and crabapple) thanks to the input and guidance from one my fellow ski patrollers who has been making fruit wine for the last 19 years. I hate to admit this but I never thought rhubarb would make such a nice wine!

The reason behind this website and my ebook is to share with regular people like my wife and I, all of the wine making knowledge that we have amassed over the years so that you can see how easy it is to make your own homemade wine and hopefully begin a new enjoyable hobby that will only "improve with age".